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ONGOING EDUCATION – English Language Teachers Certification Program

The English Language Teachers Certification Program aims to develop a valid, pertinent model with a high level of academic rigor in the training of English teachers for the National Educational System in all levels. USIL’s institutional purpose is to provide society with professionals that meet the demands of the current society. Therefore the promotion of pedagogical and didactic knowledge, the incorporation of research and the application of pedagogical projects as a tool considered essential to design experiences of innovative educational practices to be applied in different educational settings.

The training of English teachers requires both specific disciplinary and pedagogical knowledge, as well as clear theoretical positions which will allow them to deploy their educational practices with creativity, a spirit of innovation, social commitment and respect for diversity. Moreover, the incorporation of Information and Communication Technologies gives the teacher an innovative tool in the teaching of a second language

The subjects and learning activities that make up the curriculum have been defined from the desirable profile in a professional who is dedicated to teaching English at any educational level.


Aimed at English teachers who are currently working but do not possess a degree, a license or a teaching credential.


Gs. 430.000 paid in monthly installments (materials are not included)


2 years


Tuesdays from 18:00 to 22:00 (classes in English)

Thursdays from 18:00 to 22:00 (classes in Spanish)


February 6,  2018


  • Candidates must have finished undergraduate studies
  • B2 (High Intermediate) level of English Language
  • Being currently teaching English in the National Educational System (not exclusive)


“Profesor de inglés-Profesionalizado”

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